"Hear me sing, Swim to me, Let me enfold you" began as a collection of some series of underwater shots of recent years, including selected photos from the "Abyss" project, "Submerged", "Su-bàc-que-a", "Restless Waters ". Some of these have already been exposed at Paratissima (in Turin, 2013), where "Submerged" was honored among the fifteen most deserving, realized in analog with 

disposable cameras. Some extracts of the same project were then exposed at Genova Biennale (2015). The passion for the sea, the strong recall of the water and the ever continuous research in the portrait of female subjects, he led the author to grapple with this practice, where he manages to recreate a fantastic world, where models fluctuate - sometimes troubled - often free to express even more their grace and beauty, in a colorful landscape and dreamy, in another dimension.


Riccardo Bandiera lives and works in Italy. He has exhibited in Barcelona, Brussels, Arles, Turin, Genoa, Rome, Venice, 

in collective and personal showcases.